Technology Management

Technology Management is the bridge between science/engineering and business/management.  Succinctly put, in a commercial world, it’s how you make money out of technology.  For other organisations, it is how to make technology work best for you, providing greatest value.

Puzzle bridgeTechnology has many different meanings to many different people.  There are many different types of technology – product technology is the science which is embedded within different products and services.  Production technology tends to be the equipment – machinery or computer systems – which puts the products or services together.  Application technology is the end use of a particular product or service.  To take an example: the product technology could be a mechanical engineer’s specific technical knowledge on a consulting problem relating to a wind turbine generator coupling.  The production technology could be the computer this engineer uses to write up his report.  The application technology would then be the wind turbine generator coupling which his knowledge, embedded in the report, is being applied to.

As technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous, the need for explicit technology management comes sharply into focus.