Innovation Tools

Innovation is now expected everywhere, so how can one ‘innovate’?  I have a few favourite tools and techniques which I think can be adapted in various circumstances.  To list them, I’m making use of Goffin and Mitchell’s Innovation Management Pentathlon Framework (Goffin and Mitchell, 2010), with the following five components:

Innovation strategy
– Roadmapping
– Scenario analysis
– Technology intelligence
– Benchmarking
– Technology audit
– Kano analysis

– Brainstorms
– SWOT analysis
– Competitions
– Market research
– Suggestion boxes
– Focus groups

Selection and prioritisation
– Scoring systems
– Portfolio matrix
– Options

– Project management
– Design reviews

People and Organisation
– Project ‘champions’
– Project reviews


Goffin, K. and Mitchell, R. (2010) Innovation Management. Strategy and Implementation using the Pentathlon framework, Palgrave Macmillan, 2ndEdition