About The Technology Manager…

The Technology Manager was created in 2008 to work with companies to ensure they were able to effectively make money and gain competitive advantage from science and technology.  The Technology Manager works with start-ups, SMEs, multi-national companies and government organisations to manage innovation, product, and technology development, through a range of services and support mechanisms.  As an independent company, working with a range of technical experts, as and when required, The Technology Manager is able to bring fresh insight, and up-to-date technical expertise, with a focus on driving forward an innovative commercial solution.

“Thanks once again for these reports, and for your help.  I’m very pleased with the output, and I’m sharing it more widely right now.”
Gareth Marlow, Division Manager Red Gate Software Limited.


Dr Michèle Routley, the founder of The Technology Manager is an experienced technical facilitator, with a multifaceted background encompassing science and business, industry and academia, innovation and trouble-shooting.  For more than 15 years Michèle has been working with a broad range of organisations to make the most of engineering opportunities, solve technical issues and challenges in a commercially advantageous manner.  This practical experience is underpinned by an MSci Honours degree in Physics and Electronics, a PhD in Microelectronics, and a Postgraduate Certificate and MBA in Technology Management.  Michèle is an effective communicator who enjoys presenting, training and teaching – participating in international conferences, providing executive education modules and contributing to Masters-level programmes.

Thank you very much for your comprehensive report.  You have brought great insight to our attention. We will try to implement as much as we can in our further development. Thanks again for the excellent job of you and your team.
Wolfgang Kreckel, Director of Non-Ultrasonic Engineering, Branson Ultraschall.

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