The Technology Manager works with organisations to help them make the most of technology and innovation – whether this is:

– operational – sourcing technical solutions to address  current issues and problems
– tactical – improving new product development, introducing new innovations
– strategic – using tools and techniques such as trends analysis or roadmapping to identify future opportunities.

Technology’s ubiquity can sometimes mean that its potential is overlooked, as it is taken for granted.  Good technology management helps to lift the profile of technology so that companies can ensure they are making money from it, in the most effective way.  The Technology Manager excels in all aspects of technology management, and so is the ideal place to come for assistance.


Technology Strategy

StrategicWhy technology management aligns the business objectives with the available and future technologies.  An explicit technology strategy is informed by internal goals and the external environment.

Competitive Intelligence

WhenIndustry, market, technology trends and analysis can inform many of the technology and innovation management decisions to be made.

Technology Sourcing

WhatA key component of open innovation is the acceptance that an organisation will not always have the (best) solutions in-house. Through extensive networks and experience, appropriate technical expertise can be found.

Design Reviews

HowTo assist with new product development, design reviews incorporating relevant external technical expertise can be organised and facilitated, at any stage of the process.